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07/12/2022 - City of Daytona Beach - Heineman Street Potable Water GST & Pump Station

The Work consists of furnishing all labor, equipment and materials for the construction of the facilities consisting of, but not limited to, the following: two 1,375 gpm and two 2,750 gpm horizontal split case pumps with piping valves, electrical service, instrumentation and control (I&C) and miscellaneous appurtenances; one sodium hypochlorite chemical storage tank, one duplex metering pump skid, associated chemical piping (containment and tubing), chemical pull boxes, injection ports, electrical, I&C and miscellaneous appurtenances; one 5.0 million gallon pre-stressed concrete ground storage tank, inlet and outflow meter stations and miscellaneous appurtenances; high service pump masonry building, including a chemical room, pump room and electrical room; electrical and instrumentation equipment, emergency standby power with custom sound attenuating enclosure, onsite and offsite fiber optic conduit and cable and site security; miscellaneous site improvements, stormwater, driveway access, site wall and connection to the existing 8-inch and 16-inch water mains on Heineman Street.



02-Technical Specifications