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08/04/2021 - City of Stuart - WTP RO Treatment Facility

This project consists of the construction of a 1.5 mgd reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment plant expansion of the City's existing water treatment facility, including soil preparation; site clearing and paving, grading and drainage; yard piping; landscaping, site fencing and entrance gate; construction of a new RO process and control building including plumbing, HVAC, electrical, etc. to house up to 3.0 mgd of treatment capacity; RO process equipment for a 1.5 mgd treatment capacity RO plant, including two 0.75 mgd capacity RO trains, expandable to 1.0 mgd each; wellhead for existing drilled onsite Floridan well FA-1, including pump, piping, electrical and controls; pretreatment equipment; all chemical systems including pumps, tanks, piping, and controls for carbond ioxide gas and carbonic acid, scale inhibiter, chlorine, and caustic systems; cleaning system; post-treatment system including degasifiers, blowers, and scrubber system, reinforced concrete clearwell; modifications of existing chlorine and amonia feed chemical systems; filter clearwell modifications and transfer pump replacement; new pole barn; valves; piping; instrumentation; electrical and SCADA system equipment; generator including building and fuel storage tank; painting and coatings; and all accessory items to provide a complete operating system.




02-Technical Specifications