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09/29/20 - City of Palm Bay - SRWTP Expansion - 4 MGD to 6 MGD

This project consists of the expansion of the South Regional Water Treatment Plant (SRWTP) including but not limited to:  one new Floridan supply well, well pump, and conveyance piping; two new reserve osmosis (RO) pretreatment cartridge filter units; one new RO feed pump and one existing spare RO feed pump (to be installed as a permanent RO feed pump); two new RO skids; one new blower for teh degasification system; addition of a clean-in-place system for the degasification system; one new finished water transfer pump; one new 2.0 MG finished water ground storage tank; two new high service pumps; chemical feed systems including new carbon dioxide storage and feed system, two new sodium hydroxide feed pumps for pH adjustment, one new sodium hydroxide feed pump for odor control, new sodium hydroxide feed room piping, new sodium hydroxide bulk storage tank piing, new sodium hydrochlorite feed room piping, new sulfuric acid bulk storage tank piping, inspection of the existing sodium hydroxide and sulfuric acid bulk storage tanks; expansion of electrical power and motor control center (MCC) facilities to accompany additional treatment equipment; instrumentation and controls for additional equipment and systems listed above and replacement of existing PLCs; and miscellaneous facility and process rehabilitation improvements.




02-Technical Specifications