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10/19/2021 - Orange County - South WRF North Plant Effluent Pump Station Pre-Engineered Building

This project involves work at the existing North Effluent Pump Station building a new Effluent Pump Station Electrical Building located on the South Water Reclamation Facility campus.  Work consists of but not limited to the replacement of or improvements to the equipment and structures associated with the following:  1. Removal of existing electrical equipment at the existing Pump Station Building.  Remove equipment pads and repair floor.  2.  Provide a new pre-engineered electrical building (40 feet by 24 feet) to the west of the existing Pump Station Building. Provide erosion control, grading and sidewalks per civil drawings.  Provide foundation, equipment curbs and housekeepeing pads per structural drawings.  Provide two new 7.5-ton split dx systems with programmable theromstats.  Provide new electrical equipment including switchgear, MCC-USFA and MC-USFB, lighting, lightning protection, and smoke detectors.

02-Technical Specifications