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09/29/20 - City of Sanford - Main WTP Improvements

This project consists of the construction and completion of the Sanford Main WTP Improvements that generally consists of, but is not limited to, the following elements:
a. A new 2-story Main WTP Operations Building to include an Operations Center Control room, meeting/breakroom, laboratory, administrative offices, high service pumping room, restrooms, reception area, electrical and mechanical rooms, chemical storage rooms, etc.
b. Installation of pumping, piping, valving and metering systems.
c. Installation of chemical feed, storage and pumping systems.
d. Electrical, controls and instrumentation system improvements.
e. Diesel engine driven generator with weatherproof enclosure.
f. SCADA System modifications.
g. Site work, yard piping, stormwater management system improvements, plant internal roadway improvements, signage, and miscellaneous appurtenances and ancillaries.
h. Lighting systems.
i. Facility wall, fencing and security systems.
j. Landscaping, sodding and an irrigation system.
k. Demolition of two on-site buildings (the existing WTP operations/pumping building and the one-story office building) and all associated infrastructure and the legal disposal of all demolished materials after the new Main WTP Operations Building is constructed and all systems and equipment have passed demonstration tests and are operational.


02-Technical Specifications