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09/30/20 - Village of Wellington - WTP HPP No. 8 Installation and Post Treatment Improvements

This project generally consists of the installtion of High Pressure Pump No. 8 (HPP No. 8) and membrane permeate Post Treatment Improvements. The HPP No. 8 installation includes the associated piping, valves, fittings, electrical, instrumentation, and controls for a fully built-out and functional membrane feed pump (HPP No. 8). The Post Treatment Improvements include, but are not limited to, the following new facilities: blower/fan (1), blower/ fan motor (1), first stage scrubber (1), second stage scrubber (1), recirculation pumps (2), interconnecting duct work (duct, fittings, transitions, etc.) as required, dampers, pH and ORP controllers (2 of each), pre-wired NEMA 4X 316 SS control panel, recirculation fluid piping/valving, gauges and other items needed to provide a complete and fully functional treatment system as specified.




02-Technical Specifications