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12/14/2021 - Orange County - NWRF Blowers and Sludge Pump Replacement and System Improvements

This project consists of the replacement of the existing digest blowers and modifications of air heading piping at the Sludge Holding Tanks including mass air flow sensors; replacement of existing sludge transfer pumps, with equal sized new pumps and associated piping; installation of actuators on the influent, effluent and telescoping valves for the sludge holding tanks as well as TSS probes; construction of new electrical and control equipment building to house new electrical and instrumentation equipment; replacement of existing electrical and instrumentation components for sludge pumps and blowers; installation of air mixers at Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) basin No. 3 and associated electrical componenets; and installation of steel platforms on top of the existing fuel tanks, including access stairs and guardrail. 




02-Technical Specifications