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12/16/2021 - City of West Palm Beach - ECR Construction Phase-Mixed Liquor Transfer Channel Screens

The project consists of the installation of 4 new Multi-Rake Bar Screens and all ancillary construction in the existing mixed liquor transfer channels between the extended aeration basins and the clarifiers at the East Central Regional Water Treatment Facility in West Palm Beach, Florida.  The project includes furnishing and installing the screens, complete with all electrical and controls improvements, as well as site civil improvements; related metal fabrications and structural components; minor mechanical and site electrical; instrumentation as required to integrate the screens to the existing plant facilities; and SCADA system.  The bar screens must be of a type that can pivot around the upper support to be moved out of the channel for service or in an emegency condition.  The bar screens will be installed in existing, operational channels at separate sites within the facility.  Since the channels are in use and critical to overall plant operation, flow stoppage is time-limited and only permitted for one site at a time, necessitating the screens be installed individually and sequentially.  Additionally, due to the critical need for the timely implementation of these improvements, there is a requirement for an accelerated submittal and review process.




02-Technical Specifications