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01/21/2022 - City of Sunrise - Springtree WTP Electrical Upgrades

This project consists of electrical upgrades to the City of Sunrise Springtree Water Treatment Plant including, but not limited to, replacement of the existing medium voltage main switchgear and medium voltage motor control centers with new 5kV medium voltage switchgear; installation of new 5kV generator paralleling and load sharing switchgear and associated controls to parallel the existing generators to each other and sync (an dinterconnect) with the electrical utility; upgrade existing standby generator controls; replacement of the low voltage (480 V) Unit Substation 1 and 2 with a new (480 V) main-tie-main switchboard and outdoor, liquid-filled, pad mounted transofrmers; replacement of the low voltage (480 V) motor control centers, MCC-1 and MCC-2; temporary electrical connections, equipment and sequencing of electrical work to maintain an operable electrical system for the facility throughout the course of construction; removal and replacment of the existing HVAC equipment and associated items within the two (2) electrical rooms, including demolition of existing ductwork; removal and replacement of three vertical turbine high service pumps with respective low voltage variable frequency drives and associated above grade discharge piping; and removal and replacment of electrical room equipment pads, removal of windows and replacing with CMU block, removal of roof-mounted exhaust fans, and patching of roof penetrations, and removal of louvers and replacing with CMU block.
02-Technical Specifications