Job Description:

Assistant Project Managers support the project team including the project manager, project engineer and superintendent by coordinating the activities of a project to ensure cost, schedule, maintaining project documents, generating and tracking subcontracts, purchase orders, and managing project requirements under the direction of the Project Manager. The Assistant Project Manager is expected to take on any/all task in the quest to learn all he/she can about construction. The ideal candidate will have 3-5 years of construction experience. A degree in construction management, civil or mechanical engineering is a plus.  Assistant Project Managers will have had experience with the disciplines listed below.


Job Responsibilities:



  • Assist the Project Manager in all phases and aspects of the project.
  • Provide support to Field Staff.
  • Follow the Companies Best Practices.
  • Prepare and assist with pre-installation meetings.
  • Review Owner contract and become familiar with terms & conditions.
  • Distribute all short interval and overall project schedules. Ensure subcontractors have the most up to date scopes of work. Assist PM in the development of the overall project schedule.
  • Work to obtain all necessary permits as requested by the PM.
  • Ability to review drawings and specifications to become completely familiar with the project and identify long lead times and critical path items.
  • Complete sub evaluations/comparisons of bids, scope review, and complete buyout as requested by PM.
  • Develop a project submittal log and obtain designer’s approval.
  • Manage said submittal log and ensure all submittals are processed promptly.
  • Draft, submit, and track all RFI’s and distribute to all teams’ members as appropriate.
  • Review project logs (RFI’s, Submittals, PCO’s) with Superintendent on a weekly basis.
  • Pursue and monitor submittals and track deliveries of materials. Verify all submittal conformity to plans & specifications.
  • Collect Superintendent daily reports, weekly project pictures and safety documentation. Review for completeness and include in project documentation. Inform PM of deficiencies.
  • Monitor and maintain as-built drawings in collaboration with the Project Superintendent.
  • Collect and distribute coordination drawings from appropriate subcontractors. Review drawings with PM and Superintendent.
  • Collect and assemble Operation and Maintenance (O&M’s) Manuals.
  • Complete quantity take-offs as requested by estimating and PM.
  • Review and code invoices. Check for accuracy and compare to cost to complete forecast.
  • Distribute all punchlists and the follow-up as necessary to ensure timely completion of punchlist work.
  • Collect all required close out documents for certification including warranties, certifications, etc.
  • Assist PM in the coordination and completion of equipment start-up and commissioning plan.
  • Assemble the close out documents and address non-compliant subcontractor directly for compliance.
  • Maintain client relationships at the appropriate level reinforcing the Company’s commitment to continuously addressing their needs and interests.
  • Work collaboratively with outside parties (I.e. the design team, etc.) to accomplish client goals.
  • Demonstrate effective relationship building within the project team and throughout the Company. Keep field team members (i.e. Superintendent) informed and active in decision-making.