South Florida Water Management Contractors | Broward County Wastewater Consultants

Business Objectives

The Concept

Florida Design Contractors, Inc. has created a new concept in the arsenal of strategic projects turning small contractors into value conscious contractors recognizing the needs within the marketplace. Florida Design has developed a concept that will greatly improve how contractors, engineers and owners communicate to provide timely decisions in hours and days not weeks and months. Integrating services and communication enables us to project possible project delays. Implementing our unique approach of providing real time construction scheduling has transformed our construction projects into a unit of motivated business partners not commonly seen in the industry. Florida Design Contractors revenues are generated directly from our efficiency in management making us the most profitable contractor while still providing competitive bids.

The Company

Florida Design Contractors, Inc. has brought together a team in which has provided a variety of construction and mechanical services throughout Florida. The Company’s primary is in the utility areas which have included water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, wastewater pump stations, force mains, water mains, ground storage tanks, repump stations, wellfields, and reclaimed water facilities. We have developed procedures for working together, which allows us to adequately construct these projects while minimizing the cost to the client.

When the team of professionals is assembled to provide services of this type, the Client, should be interested in who will manage the project. It is the program manager's responsibility to interface with the client and coordinate the activities of the other professionals. This task is the same whether those professionals are on staff or are outside subcontractors or consultants. Thomas H. Clarke, President of Florida Design Contractors has over 30 years of diversified experience in the process mechanical construction and management. He has constructed various utility projects ranging from conventional water treatment plants and reverse osmosis treatment plants to chemical treatment systems, air scrubbers, lift station installation, site utility improvements, airport and drainage expansions, wellfield expansions, and wastewater treatment plants. He has been the owner and president of Florida Design Contractors, Inc. since its inception in 1989.

Management Team

Our management team combines the experiences of executives and an advisory board with extensive backgrounds in managing and developing successful businesses within the construction industry. Florida Design Contractors employs numerous engineers, executives and additional support staff, which will be involved in construction, technical implementation and administration.

Subcontractors and Vendors

The success of any company is directly related to its people. This also applies to our subcontractors and vendors.  Maintaining a professional relationship with our partner subcontractors and vendors creates a spirit of success needed to compete in the construction arena. Our association over the years with those professionals has directly contributed to our success. The philosophy of Florida Design has been "we need to help our subcontractors and vendors make money." That's what a General Contractor does to build a reputation both with those professionals and our clients. Our gratitude sometimes gets left off the contract but without these people we would be just another company to provide bids to.

Strategic Advantages

Presently, there are numerous State Certified General Contactors in water and wastewater marketplace. Florida Design Contractors believes the competition's penetration into the water and wastewater marketplace will be limited due to their lack of depth and understanding of the complexity of the industry. We believe that it can continue to build strategic relationships within the industry and provide the needed quality to our client.