Waste Water Project Frequently Asked Questions


No. Although we encourage all manufactures and subcontractors to become involved in all Florida Design projects, it is not necessary. Our dedication is to both Florida Design and its clients to provide the highest quality at a competitive price. It is essential to involve the local businesses to provide our clients the security of service after the project is successfully completed.

The State of Florida is the main market geography. Successful projects have been completed throughout the state and they can be found in the photo gallery of our website.

Profitability. Efficiency breads profitability and with Florida Design, efficiency is the basis to all projects. Joining the team and adopting the values that makes the project a success will provide your company a greater profit potential. Knowing the long standing reputation that Florida Design has maintained also provides you with the insurance that the project will have a successful completion.

Florida Design has prided itself on positive business relationships with its subcontractors and manufactures. We invite the quality business professional to review the project gallery on our website to familiarize themselves with the types of projects and make the decision to join the team. Provided on the website is a registration form for all businesses including the encouragement of SBE and MBE registered businesses. (Opportunity Web Page)

The original concept found within the name "Florida Design" is the base value of the business and we can provide extremely good value when partnered on a design build. Although having partnered with several engineering firms and owners to provide design build projects our main volume comes from the traditional competitive bid arena.

Efficiency, Florida Design has invested over the years in the technology and equipment needed to meet the needs of a project schedule which provides cost savings by meeting those schedules. Florida Design has compiled over the years a comprehensive list of professional subcontractors and manufactures that share the same values of quality and value. These professionals are essential to providing quality projects on time and under budget.

It's people, its reputation and the passion for quality and value. Florida Design has been providing quality construction projects for the past 32 years. Having project concentration strictly in the water industry has given us the foresight needed to add value that saves owners and engineers time and money.