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Florida Design Contractors welcomes you to our website. We encourage the utilization of our site to provide you with up to date plans and projects bidding and currently underway. This website is designed so that it can provide Florida Design and you the information needed to select the right project together.

Please utilize the form on the right or choose a contact below to provide us any pertinent information that would be helpful in creating opportunities together. As an equal opportunity employer and a participant in the many SBE/ MBE programs Florida Design would encourage listing those certifications.

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Name Title Phone
Florida Design Contractors Main Office (561) 845-1233
Thomas H. Clarke President (561) 275-2280
Jo-Ann Escott CFO (561) 275-2285
David Gaztambide VP – Construction (561) 275-2287
Tammy Gideon Bid Management (561) 275-2278
Orlando Rivera Senior Project Manager (561) 275-2281
Steve Flannery Project Manager (561) 275-2288
Ralph Cosme Project Manager (561) 275-2283
Richard Stahl Project Manager (561) 275-2289